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Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics Camps
Alabama Crimson Tide Gymnastics Camps


Coach to Camper Ratio: We never have more than 8 gymnasts to a coach, but in most situations there is less.

Housing: On campus housing at Presidential Dorms. These dorms are suite rooms with each camper having her own bedroom and a common area with full size refrigerator and microwave. (4 gymnasts to a suite)  All campers will be allowed to choose their own roommates.  Anyone without a roommate will be paired with campers of approximately the same age. Campers will have supervision from camp staff at all times.

Gymnast Grouping: All gymnasts will be grouped according to their competitive level and ability to allow them to get the most out of each workout. Please make sure camper’s level is listed correctly at registration and updated as needed before you arrive for camp.  It is difficult to rearrange groups and rotations once camp begins.

Activities: The emphasis on our camp is gymnastics, but we also have a couple of fun activities available including Camp Idol for all interested campers and a dorm door decorating contest for the overnight campers.  Prizes will be awarded for the winners of these two contests.

Camp Idol Contest: Our own version of American Idol.  All campers welcome to participate. They can complete alone or in groups.  They must bring their own costumes, music, etc.

Door Decorating Contest: Overnight campers will have craft materials available to decorate their bedroom door or they may bring decorations from home.  There will be two winners, one for the door completed at camp and one for the one brought from home.

Camp Store: The camp store will be open during check in and check out only, so there is no need to bring extra money. 

Refund Policy: Cancellations received in writing by mail or email over 30 days prior to the first day of camp will receive a refund of camp fees less a $50.00 processing charge. Cancellations received in writing by mail or email less than 30 days prior to the first day of camp will receive a refund of camp fees less a $100 processing charge.

Transportation: Alabama Gymnastics Camp will provide transportation from the dorm to the gym by school bus driven by a licensed Tuscaloosa County school bus driver.

Late Fees: All final balances must be paid by May 15th. Payments received after this date must include an additional $50.00 late fee.

Meals / Menus: Resident Campers will have breakfast and dinner meals at Lakeside Dining Hall which is cafeteria style dining.  Lunch will be at the Coliseum on the concourse. Day Campers are included in lunch and snack at the Coliseum.

Menus below are from previous camp as an example and subject to change. If your child has a food allergy we will try to accommodate but you may have to provide some meals/snacks or pay for additional cost involved in substitutions. We will only make special arrangements for food allergies!

→ Check In  |  Dinner Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
→ Lunches  |  These Are Examples of Previous Lunch Menus
     ⇒ Chick-Fil-A  |  Regular Chicken Sandwich or Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich, Chips, Nut Free Dessert
     ⇒ Southern Ale House  |  Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps, Chips, Nut Free Dessert
     ⇒ Full Moon  |  Hamburger or Cheese Burger, Chips, Nut Free Dessert
→ Snack | TCBY Assorted flavors including sorbet
→ We will also have fresh fruit available each day such as apples, bananas, grapes or oranges.
→ Drinks Choices Will Include Water & Gatorade